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Here are some things you might not know:

Long time ago in ancient Egypt charcoal was used for “absolution of the body and soul from sin”.

A charcoal-based purification method was described by Hippocrates in his works in 40 BC.

Activated charcoal made of birchwood was used in medicine in Ancient Russia.

Ancient Romans used charcoal to purify drinking water, beer and wine.

Since the 18th century activated charcoal has been used as a powerful antidote which effectively binds poisons penetrating the gastrointestinal tract.

At the end of the 18th century scientists already knew that carbolene effectively adsorbs various gases, vapours and dissolved substances. People noticed that several charcoals placed into a pot in which they cooked their dinner adsorbed flavours and odours which remained after cooking.

In 1773 a German chemist Carl Scheele reported effectiveness of charcoal for adsorption gases. Later scientists found that charcoal also can discolour liquids.

In 1785 a pharmacist T.E. Lovits from Saint-Petersburg, who later became an academician, was the first to notice the ability of charcoal to purify alcohols. On the basis of findings he got in the process of multiple experiments, he explained that mere shaking of wine with charcoal powder added to it makes the wine much purer and improves its quality.

In 1794 charcoal was first used at a sugar refinery in England.

In 1808 in France charcoal was first used for clarification of sugar syrup.

In 1811 workers involved manufacturing black shoe polish found out the ability of bone char to discolor substances.

In 1830 a pharmacist who did a self-experiment took one gram of strychnine and survived as he took 15 grams of activated charcoal at the same time, which adsorbed the deadly poison.  

In 1915 a Russian scientist Nikolay Zelinsky invented the first ever filtering carbon gas mask. In 1916 this invention was put to use by military forces of the Entente. Activated charcoal was used in the gas masks as the major adsorbing material.

Commercial enterprises started producing activated charcoal at the beginning of the 20th century.

The first lot of activated charcoal powder was produced in Europe in 1909.

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About the company

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We are glad to welcome you at the website of “UralHimSorb” Perm Adsorbent Plant. (*1)

Dear Colleagues!

We are grateful to you for the interest you’ve shown to our Company. We would also like to thank our regular customers for our fruitful cooperation. Since 2003 “UralHimSorb” Perm Adsorbent Plant has been the only manufacturer of most of activated charcoals in Russia and member states of the Customs Union. For more than 15 years we have been at the leading edge of the industry producing charcoal adsorbents.

Our mission: We aim to create high-quality products to satisfy needs of the market.

Thanks to our unique technology of charcoal activation we produce activated birchwood charcoal which is free of any combustion products.   

We do care for the environment: Our Company is the only company in Russia which has succeeded in creating environmentally-friendly processes of charcoal manufacture which provide for prevention of discharge of fuel combustion products into the atmosphere.

On customer’s request we manufacture activated charcoal with specified adsorption activity and fractional composition.


We are always eager to offer high-quality products, our customer-friendly and reliable service, and our advantageous contractual terms and conditions. We warrant high quality of all our products and competitive prices. Our specialists are always willing to help you select an appropriate grade of our activated charcoal.  

We offer activated charcoal of the following grades:

  •  BAU-А (as per GOST 6217-74):  Purification of drinking water and alcohol etc.
  • BAU-LV (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-003-38503868): Purification of alcohol, clarification of wine, etc.
  • ABSOLUTE (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-003-38503868): Purification of home-made spirit etc.
  • BAU (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-001-38903868): Boiler and waste water treatment;
  • BAU-K (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-001-38903868): Vapour condensation and waste water treatment;
  • BAU-MF (as per GOST 6217-74): Cartridges for final filters;
  • DAK (as per GOST 6217-74): Vapour condensation and boiler and waste water treatment;
  • DAK-5 (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-001-38903868): Vapour condensation and boiler and waste water treatment;
  • OU-VK (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-001-38903868): Localization of oil and petroleum product spillage; 
  • OU-V (as per GOST 4453-74): Mineral oil production etc.;
  •  OU-А (as per GOST 4453-74): Miner al oil production etc.;
  • SOIL IMPROVER (as per Technical Specification TU 2162-002-38903868): Removal of residual phytotoxins from soil etc.; and
  • ODU-1 (as per Technical specification TU 2162-001-38903868): Manufacture of fuel briquettes etc.

We ship activated charcoal from our finished products warehouse. Our Company has a flexible discount system. All our products are subject to rigorous quality control. All products are certified and conform to requirements set forth in relevant GOSTs and Technical Specifications.

“UralHimSorb” Perm Adsorbent Plant manufactures purpose-specific grades of activated charcoals, included low-ash charcoal used in alcohol production, coarse-grain charcoal for water purification and treatment, which is also used in gold mining. Water treated with crushed activated charcoal retains all essential mineral salts. The highly porous structure and high sorption activity of our charcoals facilitates effective removal of impurities, odours and off-flavours from water. Purpose-specific charcoals is efficient for adsorbing highly toxic xenobiotics, including dioxins, and polychlorinated and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, from water. Our activated charcoals are also useful for removal of phenols, pesticides, petroleum products, and heavy metal compounds from water. 

The activated charcoals are manufactured in the form of irregular grains with fractional composition as per a relevant GOST or Technical Specification (related to crushed activated charcoal), and fine powder (activated charcoal powders). The activated charcoals are manufactured by heat treatment of coal-containing raw materials (birchwood). The technology prevents any access of air. The activated charcoals are porous materials. Our products are highly porous and have wide pore distribution ranges and large specific surface area. Charcoals with such characteristics are effective for treatment of liquids as they remove a wide range of impurities (from small particles of the size of the iodine molecules to molecules of fat, oil, petroleum products, and organochlorine compounds).

We always seek to continuously and persistently improve our production processes, ensure reliability of the processes, and warrant effective delivery. Our customer-oriented approaches enable us to build the most effective cooperation schemes. Our regular partners help us to be successful, and we hope to reach new heights in the future.

We invite companies to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the Commercial Department of “UralHimSorb” Perm Adsorbent Plant.