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You are on the website of the Perm sorbent plant Uralkhimsorb. We express our gratitude to you for your interest in our company and thank our loyal customers for fruitful cooperation. Uralkhimsorb Perm Plant of sorbents is the only producer of the majority of wood-based activated carbons in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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As always, we are ready to offer you high-quality products, convenient and reliable service and favorable conditions for concluding contracts. All our products are guaranteed high quality and competitive prices. Our experts are ready to help you choose a brand of activated carbon.

We offer to supply activated charcoal of the following brands:

- BAU-A (GOST 6217-74) - purification of drinking water, alcoholic beverages, etc.

- BAU-LV (TU 2162-003-38503868 ) - cleaning of alcoholic beverages, clarification of wines, etc.

- ABSOLUT (TU 2162-003-38503868 ) - cleaning of moonshine, etc.

- BAU (TU 2162-001-38903868) - boiler and waste water treatment.

- BAU-A TECHNICAL (TU 2162-001-38903868) - boiler and waste water treatment.

- BAU-K (TU 2162-001-38903868) - steam condensate and wastewater treatment.

- BAU-MF (GOST 6217-74) - equipment for aftertreatment filters.

- DAK (GOST 6217-74) - steam condensate, boiler and waste water treatment.

- DAK-5 (TU 2162-001-38903868) - steam condensate, boiler and waste water treatment.

- OU-VK (TU 2162-001-38903868) - localization of oil and petroleum products spills.

- OU-V (GOST 4453-74) - production of mineral oils, etc.

- OU-A (GOST 4453-74) - production of mineral oils, etc.

- SOIL IMPROVER (TU 2162-002-38903868) - removal of residual phytotoxicants from the soil, etc.

- ODE-1 (TU 2162-001-38903868) - production of fuel briquettes, etc.

- CARBOCLEAN 6x12 - cleaning of alcoholic beverages, drinking water, improving taste.

- CARBOCLEAN 8x30 - cleaning of solutions in the food and liquor industry, removal of odors and taste impurities in domestic drinking water supply.

- CARBOCLEAN 12x40 - cleaning of old household filters in local drinking water purification systems, cleaning of liquid media with a wide range of impurities with a high service life.

- CARBOCLEAN 2x4-cleaning of return steam condensate from oil and other impurities.

- CARBOCLEAN 30x40-purification of fine-grained sorbent for deep cleaning and clarification of liquid media, plays a major role in the processes of carbonization and refining.

Sales of activated carbon are carried out from the company's finished product warehouse. Customers are provided with a flexible system of discounts. The product passes strict quality control. All products are certified and comply with GOST and TU.

Uralkhimsorb Perm Plant of sorbents produces special brands of active (activated) coals for distillery production with reduced ash content, coarse-grained coal for the gold mining industry and water treatment. Water that has been purified through active (activated) crushed coal retains all the useful mineral salts. The developed porous structure and high sorption activity of coals contribute to the effective purification of water from impurities, odors and tastes. Special grade activated carbon has a pronounced ability to extract highly toxic xenobiotics from water, including dioxins, polychlorinated and polymaromatic hydrocarbons. Activated carbon perfectly sorbs phenols, pesticides, petroleum products, and heavy metal compounds from water.

Active (activated) coals are produced in the form of irregular grains with a certain GOST or TU fractional composition (crushed activated carbon), and fine powder (powdered activated carbon). Active (activated) coals are produced by heat treatment of carbon-containing raw materials (birch wood) without air access. Active (activated) coals are a porous material. They have a highly developed overall porosity, a wide range of pores, and a significant specific absorption surface. Such characteristics make it possible to effectively use coals for cleaning liquid media from a wide range of impurities ( from small, comparable to iodine molecules, to molecules of fats, oils, petroleum products, organochlorine compounds).

Ensuring decent working conditions for employees is one of the main tasks implemented by the plant within the framework of the current Industrial Safety and Labor Protection Management System. The results of a special assessment of working conditions, which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 426-FZ of 28.12.2013, make it possible to identify harmful and dangerous production factors and minimize the production risks of occupational diseases, ensure safe working conditions for employees and protect the health of personnel (summary statement of the results of SOT).

The main activity of our company is continuous and purposeful improvement of technological processes of production, reliability and efficiency of delivery. An individual approach to each customer allows us to find the most effective cooperation schemes. Thanks to our regular partners, we have achieved success today and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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