Delivery outside Russia:

We ship our activated carbon by any means of transport except air. Pickup is possible. For individual requests, we will select an economical delivery option ourselves and coordinate it with you. We will also independently fill out all the necessary documents for customs clearance, insurance and make shipment. The cost of delivery (and customs clearance) depends solely on the remoteness of your region, the delivery method you choose and the volume of goods you ordered.

Transport company for cost effective delivery:

We calculate the cost of delivery in each case individually and offer the most cost effective and fastest delivery options. If the volume is more than 1 ton, then it is more cost effective to use our transport for combined cargo delivery.

Activated carbon packing:

All wholesale orders from 0.1 ton to 90 tons are shipped at the request of the Customer on or without pallets and packed as per GOST in multilayer paper bags with a laminated layer. All paper bags are provided with the markings of UralHimSorb Perm Adsorbent Plant and a label indicating the batch number, date of manufacture, weight and grade of activated carbon. Some grades of powdered activated carbon are packed in big bags and flecon bags on pallets.

Sample delivery:

Samples of activated carbon up to 1 kg are provided to legal entities free of charge. Only delivery of the samples shall be paid. For a free sample, please send a request on your company's letterhead signed by the CEO specifying the type of activity our products are needed for.

In case of packaging damaged by the carrier:

In case of damage to the packaging detected upon pick up of activated carbon at the warehouse of the carrier company, please immediately file a claim before picking up the Goods. The carrier shall guarantee the package integrity and be liable for the Goods during transportation. After picking up the Goods without a claim for damage to packing, neither the Carrier nor the Shipper shall be liable.


Activated carbon is transported by any mode of transport, except by air, in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of transportation of goods for this mode of transport. The Goods shall be stored in the manufacturer's packaging at clean and covered warehouses, protected from groundwater and precipitation. Packed Goods (BAU-A, DAK, BAU-K, BAU-LV, CarboClean, BAU-MF, DAK-5) shall be stored on pallets in stacks of no more than 8 pcs. Transportation and storage of sorbents with products that release vapors or gases into the atmosphere is not allowed.

During transportation, an increase in the mass fraction of 1 mm particles by no more than 0.1% for every 100 km is acceptable.

Need a consultation?

We are the sole developer and manufacturer of most wood-based activated carbons (sorbents) in Russia and CIS countries. We will tell you in detail about our products and deliver them to any point in Russia.