Incoming inspection

How to determine carbon quality


URALHIMSORB considers it a priority to work directly with end Customers. Due to the frequent cases of deliveries by rogue suppliers of counterfeit carbon at low prices, Uralhimsorb strongly recommends laboratory tests during acceptance! At the price of active carbon, used products are sold, or ordinary charcoal, sized by crushing. If it is impossible to check the carbon in a laboratory, we recommend that the first acceptance be carried out by discoloration of the iodine solution in the following way: (print the INSTRUCTIONS)

APPROXIMATE ANALYSIS in 1 hour without a laboratory

For the analysis, you will need a transparent container with water, iodine (you can get it from a pharmacy), a stirring stick or spoon, a watch.

(sample No. 1 in the photo)

(sample No. 2 in the photo)

Gradually sinks in water

Does not sink in water

Discolors iodine solution (adsorbs iodine)

Does not discolor iodine solution (does not absorb iodine from the solution)

Absorbs odors

Specific smell of "tar", "smoking", petroleum products (if used)

1. Take a glass container, fill it with water (approximately 100 ml)

2. Add half a tablespoon of iodine and mix.

3. Pour one tablespoon of carbon into the container.

4. After 10 minutes, stir the carbon in circular motions.

5. After 3—4 hours of the experiment, with any concentration of iodine, activated carbon will completely discolor the water and almost all sink to the bottom of the container.

6. Non-activated carbon will not sink, the color of the liquid may become a little bit clearer.

The experiment is completed.

If, after the experiment, your carbon shows signs of non-activated, we recommend promptly sending samples to any testing laboratory. Perhaps you have purchased an ordinary barbecue raw charcoal. You can consult our specialists or send a sample. We can conduct tests for free in our laboratory +7 (342) 207-69-53.

To prevent low-quality activated carbon from getting into production, the most reliable is the organization of incoming inspection. The basis of incoming inspection is testing of carbon for compliance of quality indicators with the requirements of the regulatory and technical documentation under which it is supplied, or the terms of the supply agreement.

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