OU-V (GOST 4453-74) * iodine activity

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  • Exclusive development
  • High rate of adsorption in aqueous solutions
  • High activity level

Active clarifying carbon powder OU-V (GOST 4453-74) is made by UralHimSorb Perm Adsorbent Plant from environmentally friendly raw materials — birchwood — by exposure to water vapor at a temperature of 800—950°C followed by size reduction. Active carbon OU-V is a fine porous material consisting mainly of carbon. It has a developed total porosity, a wide range of pores and a significant value of specific absorption surface. This activated carbon is recommended for the purification and clarification of various solutions in the food industry, purification and clarification of edible oils, fats, organic acids, carbon treatment, in the production of mineral oils and paints, in the mineral ore cleaning, for the purification of starch solutions and glucose, in the production of citric and lactic acid, for the discoloration of sugar syrups, xylitol, in the production of caramel.

Active carbon powder OU-V (GOST 4453-74) is transported by any mode of transport, except by air, in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of transportation of goods for this mode of transport. Active carbon powder is stored in the manufacturer's packaging at clean and covered warehouses, protected from groundwater and precipitation. Transportation and storage of active carbon with products that release vapors or gases into the atmosphere is not allowed.

Packaging: multilayer paper bags of 15 kg


Recommended applications:

- Purification and clarification of various solutions in the food industry;

- Purification and clarification of edible oils, fats, organic acids, etc.;

- Carbon treatment;

- Mineral oil production;

- Paint and varnish production;

- Mineral ore cleaning;

- Purification of starch solutions and glucose;

- Production of citric, lactic and other acids;

- Discoloration of sugar syrups and xylitol;

- Caramel production.

Name of the indicator, unit of physical quantityGOST standard* (iodine activity)*
AppearanceFine black powder, free of foreign inclusions
* Iodine adsorption activity,%, not less75
Mass fraction of water-soluble ash,%, max2
Degree of grinding, residue on the grid 0.1 K, % max5
Mass fraction of ash,%, max10
Content of water-soluble iron compoundsabsent
Mass fraction of moisture,%, max10
pH of the water extractnot rated

1. In agreement with the consumer, the mass fraction of moisture in dry alkaline coal is allowed up to 15%, with the actual mass converted to 10% humidity.

2. In agreement with the consumer, the adsorption activity of coal is evaluated by one of the indicators - methylene blue or blue, methyl orange, molasses or iodine.

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