BAU-K (TU 2162-001-38903868-2012)

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  • Wastewater treatment

Active (activated) crushed charcoal brand BAU-K (TU 2162-001-38903868-2012) is made by UralHimSorb Perm Adsorbent Plant from environmentally friendly raw materials (birchwood) by exposure to water vapor at a temperature of 800—950°C followed by size reduction. This sorbent is a porous material. It has a highly developed total porosity, a wide range of pores and a significant value of specific absorption surface. Main particle size — from 3.6 mm to 7 mm with a predominant fraction of 5 mm. Coarse fraction and high iodine activity of at least 45% — such characteristics make it possible to effectively use BAU-K in solving many tasks related to the purification of liquid media from a wide range of impurities: carbon dioxide station provision, purification of return steam condensate from oil and other impurities, wastewater, boiler water, stormwater runoff treatment, treatment of industrial effluents in river and sea ports, airports, parking spaces, production of phosphors, as well as petroleum product trapping in oil traps or catchers.

Active crushed carbon BAU-K is transported by any mode of transport, except by air, in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of transportation of goods for this mode of transport. Active crushed carbon is stored in the manufacturer's packaging at clean and covered warehouses, protected from groundwater and precipitation. Transportation and storage of active crushed carbon with products that release vapors or gases into the atmosphere is not allowed.

Packaging: multilayer paper bags of 10 kg


Recommended applications:

- Carbon dioxide stations;

- Purification of return steam condensate from oil and other impurities;

- Waste water, boiler water, stormwater runoff treatment;

- Industrial effluent treatment at river and sea ports, airports, parking lots, etc;

- Fluorescer production;

- Oil product trapping in oil traps or catchers.

Name of the indicator, unit of physical quantityNorm for technical specifications
AppearanceBlack grains without mechanical inclusions
Iodine adsorption activity,%, not less45
Total pore volume by water, cm3 / g, not lessnot rated
Bulk density, g / dm3, max240
Basic particle size, mm

3.6 mm to 7.0 mm

Fractional composition:
>7.0 mm,%, not more
than 7.0 mm-3.6 mm,%, not less
than 3.6 mm - 1.0 mm,%, not less
than<1.0 mm,%, not more


Mass fraction of ash,%, max10,0
Mass fraction of moisture,%, max10,0
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